Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winter Weather Driving Tips

by Maggie Allen

All of the snow and ice in Athens this winter creates road conditions that are hazardous for drivers. As the weather alternates between freezing rain and snow, drivers are growing familiar with slow, slippery commutes.

There are some things that automobile owners can do to prepare their car for cold weather. Bill Love is a mechanic at Appalachian Tires in Athens. He suggests antifreeze and all-around maintenance.

Mechanic Bill Love tells how to weatherize car

Things to Remember:
1. Routine maintenance - make sure everything is in good working order
2. Antifreeze - keeps engine from freezing
3. Tires - check air pressure
4. Wipers - change at least twice a year
5. Trunk - carry blanket, flashlight, spare tire...just in case

Safe Driving
Even if an automobile is in perfect working order, exercising caution on the roads is still a must. The Ohio Department of Transportation stresses the importance of slowing down above everything else.

1. Brake early to avoid sliding on slick roads
2. Do not use cruise control
3. Avoid sudden movements
4. Pay close attention to the actions of other drivers

Mechanic Bill Love offers safe driving advice

Snow Plow Alert
In addition to these weatherization and safe-driving tips, drivers should also be aware of snow plows on the road.

Athens Street Department Director Andy Stone pleads with drivers

Drivers can check road conditions before going out. Following these safety tips can help drivers be prepared when Mother Nature turns the roads into a danger zone.

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