Monday, February 11, 2008

New Evaluation Policy for OU President

By: Sean Balewski

The Ohio University Board of Trustees approved the new Presidential Evaluation policy at their meeting on Friday.

At the meeting, Trustee Sandra Anderson, who chaired the committee that crafted the new evaluation, stated that this evaluation policy was NOT crafted with any specific president in mind.

"We wanted a nameless, faceless president in order to arrive at a fair, objective, and workable process," stated Anderson.

Board Member Sandra Anderson discusses the new policy terms.

Anderson noted that the Board believes this new policy is one of the best in the state, in terms of openness, input, and information sharing.

Board Member Sandra Anderson outlines the goals of the new policy.

Student Trustee Tracy Kelly re-iterated student concerns about the degree of openness and input that currently exists between the University and the student body.

"I think that there is a serious disconnect between the purposes of the annual review and what we actually see," Kelly stated.

Under the new conditions of the policy, the Board of Trustees will oversee the evaluating process which will consist of:
An Annual Review
A 5-year Comprehensive Review

New Terms of Annual Review:
- President submits a self-evaluation of his progress
- Board and President meet to discuss progress

New Terms of Comprehensive Review:
- President submits a self-evaluation of his progress
- Board conducts interviews with members of the University community chosen by board members

President McDavis responds to the Board's decision to accept the new evaluation.

President McDavis has been under much scrutiny from OU students and faculty regarding his performance as President of the University, ever since the vote of no confidence by university students last spring.

Dr. McDavis seemed pleased with the Board's decision to accept this new policy.

No date has been set on when this evaluation process will begin.


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