Wednesday, February 6, 2008

OU Students: Pick Your Candidate

by Christina London

As 24 states cast their ballots on Super Tuesday, many students at Ohio University watched the results roll in. Senior journalism major Michael Tomlinson hosted a gathering at his University Courtyard apartment to watch the coverage.

"Obviously, they [the primaries] are going to have a lot of impact of who Ohioans are going to vote for," Tomlinson said.

Students we talked to said education, the economy and the war in Iraq were most important to them when choosing a candidate. However, some of the more "hot-button" issues, such as abortion and same-sex marriage, did not top their lists.

VIDEO: What issues are important to OU students?

Among Democrats Athens Midday spoke with, Barack Obama was the clear favorite. "He'll work with the will of the people," sophomore Scott Pennington said.

Junior Gina Beach agreed. "He can actually change the face of American politics in the way America is viewed around the world," she added.

On the Republican side, John McCain came out on top, which College Republican Jill Dickert has mixed feelings about. Although her favorite is Mitt Romney, she admitted McCain could be the best choice for the party.

"He's the most formidable opponent to whomever the Democratic candidate might be," Dickert said.

Ohioans head to the polls March 4.

Candidates on the Issues

Hillary Clinton-D
Senator from NY
Iraq- Supports phased redeployment
Economy- Allot $30 billion to deal with the effects of foreclosures
Education- End No Child Left behind; proposes a $3,500 college tax credit

Mike Huckabee-R
Governor of AR
Iraq- Opposes troop withdrawal
Economy- Eliminate all federal income taxes; make the Bush tax cuts permanent
Education- Keep No Child Behind, but give states more leeway; promote art and music education

John McCain-R
Senator from AZ
Iraq- Opposes troop withdrawal
Economy- Lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%
Education- Supports more charter schools and school vouchers

Barack Obama-D
Senator from IL
Iraq- Supports phased redeployment
Economy- Pump $75 billion into the economy through tax cuts and other spending
Education- Reform No Child Left Behind; emphasize math and science in schools

Mitt Romney-R
Former MA Governor
Iraq- Opposes troop withdrawal
Economy- Make the Bush tax cuts permanent; make middle-class savings tax free
Education- Supports No Child Left Behind

Source: CNN Election Center

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