Thursday, February 14, 2008

Environment Needs Athens City Council

Elizabeth Delon

The city of Athens is working to be more environmentally friendly. City Council is teaming up with local organizations to eliminate un-needed waste from harming the area.

The city’s efforts fight against global warming. City Council Member Elahu Glosney says, ”I hope we can build a healthier and cleaner Athens for us and for future generations.”

Transportation is just one way city council plans to reduce pollution in the air. The Athens Transit System is working with the Ohio University student run public relations group, ImPRessions to increase the use of public transportation. On Valentine’s Day the city and transit drivers hope to have a few more customers. To get more people on the bus, students can ride for free with a coupon today. The coupons were distributed at dining halls yesterday evening for one free ride and are good for the entire day.

See Athens Transit in action

Carol Patterson from the Athens Transit says the goal is to “move people not cars.” The transit has three bus routes traveling through East State Street, the Plains, and Richland Avenue. All city buses had bike racks installed on them to increase flexibility for people who use the transportation. City council also wants to develop more people and bike friendly areas.

Carol Patterson, Athens Transit and Christina Demeropolis, ImPRessions talk about public transit push

Future Plans
City Coouncil plans a promising future of saving the environment. In a matter of months every traffic light in the city will use energy-efficient LEDs. Council is also discussing the purchase of energy-efficient vehicles for city departments. And, recycling is always an issue the council is looking to improve. The city wants to increase the efficiency of public and private buildings.

Council member Gosney says, “It can really be summed up by four main goals: to reduce waste that goes to landfills, to reduce fuel consumption in our vehicles, to reduce energy consumption in our buildings and to invest in renewable energy.”

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