Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Athens City Council Requests an Amended Zoning Code

Monday night's fast paced city council meeting touched on transportation issues, zoning ordinances, building conditions, and wage rates for firemen and policemen in Athens County. No final decisions were made, but there are still issues on the table for the council to work out, including their request for zoning code changes to regulate sexually oriented businesses.

Zoning Out Sex?
The conversation surrounding the zoning ordinance did not last long, but it was clear that there is some serious concern about the proposed gentlemen’s club on Stimson Avenue. The council did not rule out the possibility of allowing one, but they fear that it will have a negative effect on the near-by places of worship and schooling.

Council member Deborah Phillips talks about resolution on sexually-oriented businesses in Athens.

Council put together a proposed resolution for the city Planning Commission to discuss. It would create distance restrictions for sexually oriented businesses, setting up limits of how close they can be to schools, churches, and residential, family oriented areas.

Fire Department Renovations
The condition of the Athens County Fire Department was also discussed at Monday night's meeting. The Columbia Road fire station is 45 years old and is showing signs of serious cement deterioration. Inspectors say that renovations are needed just to keep the building is use. Mayor Paul Wiehl offered his support to an emergency ordinance providing $53,000 for renovations, and said that it may even be a good idea to build a brand-new fire station.

Former city council member Edward Baum also had the fire department on his mind. The former mayoral candidate spoke during the meeting and expressed his unhappiness with the current pay system used for the Athens Fire Department. Without an updated pay system, Baum says that inflation will cause a decrease in their salary.

Former city council member Edward Baum speaks out on fire fighter pay.

Athens City Council will meet again for their regular meeting on the third Monday of the month. Citizens are encouraged to attend the meetings, which start at 7:30 pm.

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