Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ohio University President Roderick McDavis says he's "confident."

This comes after last week's Student Senate elections when 78 percent of students voted "no confidence" in McDavis. However, not all students voted in the election. McDavis says the "no confidence vote" represents only 23 percent of the student body.

McDavis spoke to the public about the vote for the first time yesterday. Athens MidDay Reporter Stine Eckert went to the news conference. Eckert says McDavis is not discouraged by the negative vote.

McDavis says the "no confidence vote" could reflect the recent budget problems and athletic cuts. Now McDavis says all facets of the University must work together to improve OU. This includes gathering input from students, faculty and staff before making institutional decisions.

For more background, read this article about the "no confidence vote" published by Ohio University's Post.

OU faculty are also judging McDavis's performance in a survey sponsered by the American Association of University Professors. Results are due May 29th. Read more in an article by the Athens News.

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