Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Presidential Address Expresses Urgent Need for Change

"Change is upon us. And unless we seek to control it, it will surely control us."

Ohio University President Roderick McDavis' message was clear that the state of the institution is in trouble.

During his Presidential Address, McDavis told those in attendance to be "patient" and "optimistic." McDavis says progress is being made in Columbus. Governer Strickland and Speaker Husted are working to provide more for higher education. Specifically, Ohio University could receive a 2 million dollars in subsidy this July and a 10 million the following July. But his speech featured six key objectives:

1. Improve enrollment management

2. Improve student success. A goal of increasing retention by one percent each year.

3. Streamline the transfer process.

4. Enhance our academic research, scholarship and creative activity

5. Diversify our institution

6. Take full charge of the academic plan

A key actor in these objectives is Dr. Kathy Krendl. McDavis announced Dr. Krendl will now assume the post of Executive Vice President and Provost. Basically, she is in charge of the six objectives. She will work hand in hand with McDavis and deans from regional campuses.

As expected, though, there are skeptics like Student Senate member Sam Rossi.

Some staff, like Director of Admissions Dave Garcia and Education Administrative Associate Marlene Swartz, are trying to stay optimistic.

Now that McDavis' plan is laid out, tell us what your thoughts are. Is it enough? Is it too much at once? Is President McDavis being unrealistic? Let us know! Just post your responses right below by clicking on comments.

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