Thursday, May 17, 2007

Federal Hocking postpones pay-to-play decision

The Federal Hocking school board met on Tuesday, May 15th, to make a final decision on whether athletes need to pay-to-play for this upcoming 2007-2008 academic year.

After parents raised a number of concerns at the meeting, the school board decided that they needed more time to review before making a final decision.

The reason that the school board is making a decision is because of a 1.65 million dollar deficit.

Federal Hocking superintendent, Jim Patsey tells us more about this years deficit.

Many reasons account for next year's budget deficit. The former treasurer made an inaccurate five year projection leaving many programs without adequate funding. In addition, the school district has not passed a levy in over thirty years and the schools enrollment has decreased. Passing levys and student enrollment are two key components for receiving state aid.

Athens MidDay's own Jessica Morgan has the story. Click play below to find out Federal Hocking school district's most recent decision.

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A student mind. said...

Don't they already pay to play? They pay for uniforms, for the famly members to get in to watch them play, and for gas to get them to every practice and every game. I think, since this involves the students just as much as the parents or the board members or the employees, you should bring them all together and take suggestions. Many students probably have some good ideas if someone would actually ask them and care about what they had to say.