Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reducing the Pain at the Pump

Gas Prices. Everybody loves to talk about it, but hates to hear about it.

In Athens, gas has been hovering around $3.50 cents. So what can YOU do to get the most out of your car? Athens MidDay talked to Auto Technician Mark Miller who offers some helpful tips.

Miller also says pay attention to all of your sensors and driving the speed limit can make your car run more efficiently. Driving over 60 miles per hour can dramatically decrease your gas mileage.

Several handy websites are available that provide even more helpful tips. Using cruise control, overdrive gears, and avoiding idling all can save you money. FuelEconomy.gov even provides the locations of the cheapest gas pumps. Another site suggest quick engine warmups, keeping windows closed, and buying gas during the coolest times of day.

Don't forget, though, there is always the practical tips. Carpool whenever possible, and of course, don't be afraid to ride a bike.

If you have any tips on saving gas, let us know! Post your comments and suggestions by clicking below.

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