Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ohio University Introduces a New Diversity Plan

President Roderick McDavis is once again working to strengthen diversity at Ohio University. In a press conference held yesterday at the President’s home, McDavis announced the development of a comprehensive diversity program. The program will combine all of the diversity and equity departments into a single office. The outlook for the program is to bring together numerous programs and services that have never worked together before and centralize their efforts to improve diversity.

“In order for us too achieve our commitment to diversity, we must be strategic and create key efficiencies to improve our campus climate,” McDavis said. “This reorganization will unite our equity services and diversity initiatives.”

Currently the diversity and equity departments are scattered among several different offices, such as Campus Life, Student Affairs, and the Office of the President. The goal of unifying these offices will be to advance the institution’s mission of academics and make it easier for the programs to work together.

This new structure will be led by a vice provost for equity and diversity. This position will serve as the chief diversity officer for the Athens campus and be a part of the president’s cabinet. A national search will be held for vice provost for equity and diversity and the university plans to fill the position by July 1.

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