Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Demand for Teachers Increases

Ohio University as well as several other Ohio colleges sponsored the Teacher Research Consortium yesterday. TRC was held at Ohio University and was open to students looking for a teaching job after graduation. Athens MidDay reporter Kaylea Livingston attended TRC and found out that teachers are in high demand across the country.

The United States Department of Labor projects that by 2014 the job market for teachers will vary from good to excellent depending on locality, grade levels and the subject taught. The best job prospects will be in inner city schools and in rural areas. Math, science and foreign language positions are the hardest to fill and will continue to be in high demand for the next 10 years.

The increased demand for teachers is to due to the large number of teachers expected to retire between now and 2014.

Ohio University senior, Ryan Beumont explains why he thinks there are fewer teaching positions open in Ohio and what students must be willing to do to get a job.

The Ohio Department of Education lists job openings around the state for teachers.

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