Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Athens City Council talks parking in Athens

While parked on Athens city streets, it is required that the car be moved every 24 hours. If the car isn't moved, a citation is issued. Athens City Council met last night, and the hot topic was the 24 hour parking ordinance and the shortage of parking in Athens.

Council member Carol Patterson said that an idea for solving the problem is to have experimental programs such as on Central Avenue and Morris Avenue. Member Bojinka Bishop says there should be exceptions for owners with small children and elderly.

In an interview, council member Amy Flowers explained why the 24-hour ordinance was put into place. She said the ordinance was put into place in order to reduce storage parking. She said people were parking on the street for the long term as storage, and were leaving the people who lived in the area without parking on the street.


Anonymous said...

I live on Morris. What kind of "experimental" program is council considering?

fletcher said...

Consider this:
Let's create a community landbank of undeveloped lots or properties which should or could reasonably be demolished and use those lots to create clustered offstreet parking and open green space within neighborhoods.

Rogus said...

Great idea, Fletcher! You should email that suggestion to city council!!