Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sex Offender Back Behind Bars

by Jonny Griffith

A registered sex offender is in custody for parole violation after being seen on Ohio University's campus. After being released from jail, 31-year-old Oren Apple was permanently banned from OU's campus, but he was recently seen in the music building, Alden Library and RTV. This forced police to issue a crime alert late last week. Apple is now at the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail.

Apple was indicted with attempted rape back in 2001, when he attacked a female student in Seigfred Hall. The student was working on an art project when Apple struck her with a paint bucket. The student stabbed him with an exacto knife in self defense, which caused him to flee the room. The state dismissed the attempted rape as a part of a plea agreement back in 2001. Apple was released from parole back in November after serving seven years in the Ross Correctional Institution.
Ohio University Police Chief, Andrew Powers, says its important to keep defense tactics in mind while traveling on campus, especially while alone at night.

Andrew Powers-OU Police Chief

Tips for preventing sexual assault
- Always have a trustworthy person walk you home at night. If you do not have someone to escort you, the Ohio University Police Department offers a free service called Safe-T Patrol, where students are available to walk those in need home. For more information on Safe-T Patrol click on the link.
- Park in a well lit area
- Avoid walking alone, especially while intoxicated
- If you think someone is following you, change route to a well-lit area
- Never accept rides from strangers
- Be definitive with your answers. A casual "no" may come across to a person as a "maybe"
- Use a laundromat with a neighbor because these are high risk areas
- Educate yourself on the sex offenders in your community, so you will know who to avoid if you come across a sex offender. To search the sex offenders in your area click on the link. Sex Offender Search
Ohio University Police Chief Andrew Powers says that even though Athens is a relatively safe community, its important to be prepared with these tactics because sexual assaults can still happen.

Andrew Powers-OU Police Chief

Passive Resistance
- Calm the attacker, while persuading them not to carry out with their actions
- Claim to be menstruating or pregnant because this may discourage the attacker from carrying out their actions
- Create a scene of mental or emotional instability

Active Resistance
- Create a noise to alert other of an attack. Shout for police or other help or create a whistling noise.
- Running is an effective way to get away from the situation
- Fighting is a tactic that can be used if other options fail. Kicking, hitting and scratching are all effective fighting tactics, but you risk hurting yourself if correct form is unknown. The Ohio University Police Department offers a Rape Aggression Defense System program, which teaches women self-defense tactics and techniques. For more information RAD on click on the link.

SOURCE: U.W Oshkosh Police Department

To read about other tips for avoiding sexual assault click on the link. Preventing sexual assault

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