Monday, April 27, 2009

Board of Trustees Raises Student Fees

By Katie Meyers

Student fees and charges will increase for the 2009-2010 school year after approval at the Board of Trustees meeting on Friday.

The Board reviewed 221 college-specific or course related fees. The proposed technology upgrade fee called for more discussion. The University will pay for half of the $40 million technology upgrade, but the other half will be paid for by students. President McDavis says the fee will be no more than $25 per quarter. But the fee recently prompted calls for referendums in both student senates. Board Chairman Daniel DeLawder said the technology upgrade is "long overdue," but the board needs to inform students and parents of exactly how the fee will be applied.

Also approved is a 7% increase in room rates and a 3% increase in dining fees. Board members said that OU cannot raise room-and-board rates enough to pay for the maintenance that is needed in its residence hall system. The university still plans to continue renovating East Green dorms over the next five years, but some renovations will be delayed. They said they would not have enrollment suffer because rent was set too high.

McDavis talks about fee increases

At the meeting, Board of Trustees chairman, Daniel DeLawder, read aloud a letter that had been presented to him at the protest the night before. The letter criticized
the "statement of expectations" which says the chairman acts as a spokesperson for the entire board.

DeLawder resonds to the letter

A group of students who protested outside President Roderick McDavis' home on Thursday night presented the letter to the Board Members. Students protested about decisions made during the struggling economy, including McDavis' pay raise, faculty and staff layoffs, and budget cuts.

This was Chairman DeLawder's last meeting of his term.

DeLawder reflects on his term as Chairman

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