Thursday, April 16, 2009

Potholes: An Annual Problem in Athens

By Joe Flannery

Potholes year in and year out are a problem in Athens. This year is no different as many roads are in desperate need for repair.

Every year the city of Athens allocates around $300,000 for road repairs. This year that sum could be less than normal.

Mayor Paul Wiehl says, “Every year we spend a certain amount of money, we have two different fund lines that they come out of, two general one. Streets in general and street rehabilitation. We will probably have less money to spend on the roads for the next couple of years because of the bigger projects.”

The explanation does not appease everyone though as some students still find the potholes a nuisance. Ohio University Senior Matt Kelly says that potholes are always a problem and when you drive your car you really don’t know the extent of the damage because they are everywhere.

Matt Kelly, Ohio University Senior

On April 4th, City Council toured all of the damaged roads that needed to be fixed this year. This tour comes along with a list presented by Andrew Stone, Athens Street Director, which is then reviewed by city council as well.

Paul Wiehl, Athens Mayor

The amount of money spent each year stays steady with this year's total budgeted at $300,000. Stone has two criteria for roads that need to be renovated. He plans to look into smoothing out North Lancaster as well as taking an extended look at Carpenter.

The future of road repairs could change with the rising costs of asphalt. Asphalt prices are getting closer and closer to the previously more expensive option of concrete. Athens is doing the best they can to repair the streets that are causing problems.

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