Thursday, May 15, 2008

Walk-In Theft

Jessica Demczar

Imagine you are sitting at home, and someone you don't know walks into your house or apartment and asks for someone who doesn't live there. Honest mistake, right? Not the case in Athens. Since January 1st, the Athens Police Department has seen about 50 burglaries of this kind. There is no physical threat and no forced entry: the burglar simply walks into a house and if no one is home, steals what has for the most part been laptop computers and other electronics.

OU senior Ashlie Arthur describes how her house was broken into on North Congress Street.

Even though the APD is investigating these break-ins, they say it is difficult to track down who is responsible. But Ohio University Police Lieutenant Steve Noftz says "lock your doors, and that's the first step to loss prevention."

OUPD Lt. Steve Noftz says locking your doors is the best defense against theft.

Noftz says the number of people walking around campus makes it easy for thieves to walk into houses and steal their property.

Noftz explains how easy it could be for people to walk into someone's house.

And after her roommates were victims of this crime, Arthur says "it's creepy knowing someone was in my house."

Arthur explains that after the break-in, she felt unsafe in her house.

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