Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Are Potholes a Problem in Athens?

Jessica Demczar

It seems you can't drive very far in Athens without "bumping into" some road problems, specifically potholes. But are they really a problem in Athens? For Jamie Kiefaber, an OU student who lives on North Congress Street, "there are a lot of potholes around the city of Athens." But Ron Lucas, a street maintenance specialist with the Athens Street Department says, "In our opinion, potholes aren't a problem."

Raw interview with OU Student Jamie Kiefaber who explains how the potholes in Athens affect her and her car.

Ron Lucas with the Athens Street Department says potholes aren't a problem in Athens.

Oil Prices

But what about the rising price of oil? How does that affect the street department's ability to maintain the roads in Athens? Lucas says it will not be a problem, and that street maintenance will still be a high priority.

Ron Lucas with the Athens Street Department explains that an increase in oil prices won't affect road maintenance in Athens.

2008 Athens, Ohio Street Improvements Area
The following is from the Athens Street Department and is the list of primary streets to be worked on in the coming months.

Carriage Hill Dr. - Richland to End
Longview Heights Rd. - Pomeroy Rd. to 2000` northeast
W. Washington - N. Congress to N. High
Congress - W. State St. to W. Union St.
S. Blackburn - Albany Rd. to Corporation line
Herrold Ave. - State Electric to last lightpole on left hand side
Townsend - E. State to 180` north
Grand Park - E. State to 210` north
Highland (lower) - Short St. to island end
Highland (upper) - Columbia to island end
Andover - Albany Rd. to Berkeley

The following are the "alternate" streets that may be worked on.

Lamar - Canterbury Loop
Ohio - Wallace to S. Shannon
Meadow Lane - Lincoln Loop
Bolleana - Morris to Grant
S. May - Lincoln to Elmwood

If you have a pothole you'd like to report, fill out the Pothole reporting form from the Athens Street Department.

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