Monday, May 5, 2008

Moms' Weekend Brings in Big Bucks

Jaime Baker

With the Ohio economy in a tailspin, Athens found a slight reprieve this weekend. Ohio University’s annual Moms' Weekend not only brought in mothers from across the state and country, but brought in some big dollars for local businesses, especially on Court Street.

One local boutique, The Other Place, cashed in on big sales this weekend from mother-daughter pairs. Assistant manager Elizabeth Drioane compared the special event weekend to Christmas. Many local stores, restaurants and bars rely on special event weekends to propel them toward their yearly sales goals. Without big weekends, many places would not come close to their sales goals, due in large part to the four months when students are not in classes.

Store manager Elizabeth Drioane talks about how much money special events weekends bring in

Final numbers won't be tallied until later this week, but many employees say their bosses had big smiles on their faces when all was said and done. For workers, a major downfall of the extra business is the need for extra hours. The Other Place requires all employees to work most hours during Mom's, Dad's and Sib's Weekends. Drioane says that it is necessary for each employee to be involved in different parts of the store so that the day can run smoothly, despite the craziness that comes with visitors.

Drioane talks about having a full staff on Mom's Weekend

But Drioane says that although the overall Ohio economy has been slumping, her business has not been affected too harshly. The Other Place constantly changes its stock, and Drioane believes that the economic hardships are lost on college students, which helps boost her business.

Drione on the economy's effect on The Other Place

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