Friday, October 16, 2009


by: Kelly Brennan

Welcome to the newsroom where the news never quits and neither do we. So if we can’t quit, then how do we get a day off? What if someone gets sick with the dreaded swine flu? Well let me introduce you to how the people in a newsroom handle life: we’re a team. Our reporters the past two weeks have exemplified the fact that we’re in this together. If one person goes down, someone else steps up, no questions asked.

I saw this “team relationship” at a new level when I went to the Plains City Volunteer Fire Department. Craig Reck (reporter) and I went to talk to the firefighters to find out how the economy is affecting the number of volunteers at their station. Although their numbers aren’t as high as years past, what we learned that day was truly inspiring.

The Plains City Volunteer Fire Department

We talked to Lieutenant Jim Llewellyn and firefighter Jason Benton who both expressed their love for the people of this city and their reasons for volunteering. Their families were huge influences on their getting involved in this field.

Lt. Llewellyn on his family's history with the fire department

Learning on the Job
For this interview, I was shooting with the small camera while Craig handled the questions and main interaction. As an observer, I noticed how these men took their time to explain to Craig some of the different tools they use in their jobs. Everything was so new and interesting to Craig and me, and it was nice that the guys were excited to teach us.

Lt. Llewellyn and Firefighter Benton showing Craig the equipment

It’s easy to see these men love what they do. It doesn’t matter that they don’t get a paycheck at the end of the week or that the dangerous job doesn’t provide benefits. These men and women of the department represent what a lot of people take for granted. The willingness to serve others at no benefit to youself has become lost with all the materialism in today's society.

Lt. Llewellyn talked about his family and young children and how they look up to him. I noticed in his office that the marker board on the wall says “I love Daddy” in scribbled handwriting. It’s evident that those kids admire their Dad, and Craig and I left that day with our own admiration as well.

One part of the firetruck

Game Time
So this volunteer team is kind of like our team. When someone can’t do their duty, another person steps up to help. Reporters, anchors, producers and everyone else rely on each other to build a newscast. If you’re unfamiliar with how the newsroom operates, you should check it out sometime. Everyone plays an important role. The mayhem at “game-time” is thrilling. People run around printing scripts and making sure everyone knows of the recent changes made to the newscast. There’s an adrenaline rush, just like the firefighters have when they receive a call.

When the call is received by the fire department or the clock strikes noon, it’s “game-time” for the team, and everyone knows their job and they get it done.

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