Monday, October 26, 2009

A New Look for Athens County History

Max Resnik

The Athens County Historical Society and Museum is currently undergoing a $225,000 renovation that will add an elevator to make transportation of artifacts easier. With over 40,000 items, the Museum located at 65 N. Court Street serves the community by providing hands-on exhibits for everyone.

Heather Reed, Museum Curator

Meet the Curator
Some of the artifacts that line the walls of the historical museum date back to the founding of the Northwest Territory. Unlike most museums that watch over their pieces with cameras, heat sensors, and alarms, the sign on the window to the museum says "Please touch."

Something for the Kids
Among the visitors each year are nearly 1,000 students from local schools. The museum provides students and teachers with educational tours and hands-on work that teach the history of Athens. Museum Curator Heather Reed believes the tangible exhibits are the most fun and interesting way that they can teach the students.

Get Educated at the Museum

The programs currently offered to students include History Detectives, Medicine in Athens County, Civil War Battles, Exhibit Scavenger Hunt and Westward!. Westward! and the Exhibit Scavenger Hunt are open to kids in grades K-12. History Detectives and Medicine in Athens County are offered to kids in grades K-8, and Civil Wars Battles is recommended for students in grades 6-12.

Teachers can go to the Education Page on The Athens County Historical Society and Museum website to get a more detailed look into what each program offers, and the programs the museum is planning for the future. Teachers can also seek funding through a website application if help is needed to get students to the museum. Each program has pre-visit packets that provide students and teachers with a preview into the museum and also contain post-visit PowerPoint presentations for the classroom.

Reed says there is more to the museum than meets the eye.

The historical society and museum also has opportunities for locals to volunteer at the museum. Volunteers help create and set up exhibits, organize records in the library and help move artifacts from storage.

Click and Learn

To get more information on volunteering at the museum and to see what the museum has to offer, check out these links:
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Board and Staff
Become a Volunteer

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