Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swine Flu Increases Local Business

By: Joe Flannery

A small company born out of Athens has seen a recent increase in its productivity.

Diagnostic Hybrid Inc. (DHI), located in the State Side Technology Park on East State Street, is providing a test for the H1N1 virus or more commonly, the swine flu, in most of the country. DHI is now operating at four times its capacity in what normally would be a down time for the company.

With the recent scare from swine flu, residents from Athens and around the country are looking for ways to get tested for the virus. “I know if I should any symptoms of the flu. I’m going to get tested," says one Athens resident.

David Scholl, President & CEO Diagnostic Hybrids

Nearby residents are in luck, DHI supplies over 700 hospitals and provides for many of the major players in the business. The recent outbreak has forced the company into overdrive with many of its employees working more hours of overtime.

Excess Overtime

The shipping process has required all hands on deck now for the past two weeks. The process forces employees to have trucks loaded to be shipped at eight every morning. The tests are then sent to respective hospitals not only in the state, but across the country.

DHI just finished its normal busy season over the winter, but has had to adapt to the outbreak. The company has been able increase production so far and continues to do so as the extent of the outbreak is unknown.

The swine flu is a form of Influenza A and is tested the same way. If one is positive for Influenza A the sample is then sent to the CDC to further test for the H1N1 strand.

DHI is currently in the process of developing a new test of Graves’s disease as well. The test will be the first of its kind and is only pending FDA approval.

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