Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aftermath of Palmer Fest

by Malcolm Morgan

The spring fest season is a time when Ohio University students as well as Athens residents can enjoy springtime in Athens. But this weekend Palmer Fest went from an enjoyable experience to pandemonium.

Late on Saturday night some congregants at Palmer Fest began lighting fires. Forty officers in riot gear were sent once the fires were reported on Palmer Street. As police put out that blaze, another fire was started. Ohio University Dean of Students Ryan Lombardi, says that local law enforcement was outnumbered compared to party goers. He also says the police acted appropriately.

Ryan Lombardi on Police Presence

Even though Lombardi commended the lack of police intervention, residents of Palmer Street, including Kristin Hascher were concerned about the lack of police presence.

Kristsin Hascher on Police Presence

When the police did intervene in the activities they were met with hostility from attendees. Bottles were thrown at police, and the danger was not limited to people. Five horses were also injured during the altercations.

After all of the excitement on Saturday, cigarette butts, cans, Solo cups, and other trash littered Palmer Street. Palmer Street residents spent much of their Sunday and also parts of Monday cleaning up. Some residents of Palmer Street want to keep their street clean and did not participate in the activities of the weekend. Residents like Hascher belive the problem lies with people that are not living in Athens.

Resdient talks about Out of Town Guests

Ohio University, is unsure whether future measures will be taken by the school that will affect the rest of the spring fest season or whether Palmer Fest will be adjusted in the future.

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