Wednesday, November 12, 2008

REPORTER BLOG: Speaking out in Style

by Alex Moorhead

Last weekend I had the opportunity to cover a very unique and interesting story. It was called "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes." Men marching against sexual abuse, but the interesting part was they did it in high heels. I was surprised at how many men were willing to walk a mile in heels in the cold weather to make a point.

Coming to a Realization in "Her Shoes"
We had planned for a while to cover this event, and I was lucky to be the reporter who got to do it. When I was interviewing the men who participated I was so happy to hear what they had to say. Many of them were complaining about the pain of walking in "her shoes," but said it was so worth it to speak out against rape and sexual abuse. I admired each and every guy who was chanting to end this violence.

The Vice President of OU Student Affairs, Kent Smith, said he felt different after the march. He said that thinking about something that many men don't need to worry about from a woman's perspective made him realize this problem is bigger than he imagined.

Speaking out for the Scared
Watching the men speak out against something so underreported, something so serious, something that many women and even men are afraid of made me proud that they went to my college.

Serious Issue with a Fun Statement
Even though seeing men walking in high heels was funny--watching them wobble and have an awkwardness in their step--I think it was a great idea to have fun with a serious topic. These men were obviously serious about the issue though because you could hear it in the intensity of their chants.

No Better Place
They donated money and goods to the battered women's shelter My Sister's Place. I thought that was just putting the cherry on top of a great movement. These women deserve better than how they've been treated and they know now that they're being supported, that people are thinking about them and want to help them.

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