Monday, November 3, 2008

REPORTER BLOG: Another view of Halloween

by Alex Moorhead

I just covered a story this Halloween weekend about security, the number of arrests and DUIs. When I was listening to the staggering number of people cited, a question kept running through my mind, "Is it really worth it?" Obviously people must think so because Halloween is not going away anytime soon, but will it ever lose it's infamous 'partying' reputation?

My Freshman Excitement
When I was an incoming freshman here at Ohio University I remember about hearing how awesome and crazy Halloween was in Athens. Thousands of people; everyone in costumes; all the parties, well I have been at OU now for three years and seen the Halloween scene. I have never witnessed the “awesome” side of it though.

Just Another Binge Drinking Weekend
What Halloween boils down to is a drinking binge for a few and a lot of outsiders coming for the weekend. I have been disappointed every Halloween. Since I am not 21 yet, I usually just attend the house parties going on away from Court St., like I do every weekend. Why is Halloween so special? I think it is more of an event for visitors who don’t really get to see the “OU party scene” every weekend.

Adding More Places to Drink?
I don’t know when this annual party started and I don’t know how crazy it’s been in previous years, but I don’t understand what is so fun about it. They did add the beer garden this year, but that’s just adding another place to drink.

Add Something New...
I’ve heard multiple students who go here talk about how they don’t enjoy Halloween weekend either. I think that if Halloween is going to gain back the popularity it’s known nationwide for, I suggest they add more activities rather that aren't drinking-focused. For example, the university could host a costume dance, and costume contest on Court St. They also did add the live bands Uptown the last few years, which gives students something to have fun with.

But the Party Continues!
Next year, of course, I am going to celebrate Halloween here because I feel that it is expected of me. All my friends from high school and other colleges come to visit and I love that part. But when I’m not noticing anything different about the weekend, besides the costumes, I am going to go ahead and label Halloween lame, in my opinion.

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