Thursday, October 16, 2008

VP Candidate rallies in Athens

Whitney Hare

With all eyes on Ohio for its swing state status, the candidates are hitting southeast Ohio hard and often. Senator Joe Biden came to Athens to address the issues of the area and inspire voters. He covered everything from the flaws of his opponents, to the economy and education.

U.S. Concerns
Biden told the audience about the differences he has seen across the country in different regions. But in his recent tour of the country, there is one thing he's never seen before. "Whether up in Montana, down in Florida, or here in Southeastern Ohio, it doesn't matter the concerns are the exact same."

Biden says those concerns ask the questions "Will I have a job next month," "Can I afford the doctor?" "Can I fill the gas tank?" And the questions didn't stop there. He went on to add worry about mortgage payments, college tuition and retirement. But Biden says the real question is "Who's going to change things?" He made it very clear who was NOT going to change things.

Biden speaks about US Concerns

Why Not McCain?
Biden focused on the middle class and the lack of connection he says his Republican counterparts have to the average Americans. He referred to the previous debates as proof. "They (McCain and Palin) never had the words middle class part their lips" Biden is quick to point out that while McCain truly is a war hero, it's not enough. "We need more than a war hero, we need a great leader." Biden says the focus of the McCain advertising campaign is nearly 100% negative. He thinks this tactic hurts the American people because it distracts from the issues.

Biden discusses concerns about McCain

Biden addresses McCain's negative campaign

Economic Crisis
One of those biggest issues is the economy and how the problem is going to be solved. Biden argues McCain's proposed policy, at it's core, is no different than the policy Bush has applied for the past 8 years. And Biden says the current crisis is a direct result of those policies. "This crisis is the final verdict of 8 years of failed economic policies under the Bush administration." Attendants of the rally agree that the economy is one of their biggest concerns in this election.

Ewan Scovie, international student discusses biggest concerns

Pastor Leon Forte talks about the economy

Education and Innovation
Biden spoke to the people about the plan and policies in store for America if he and Obama are elected. He addressed tax breaks for the middle class, removing tax breaks for companies who ship jobs overseas, creating jobs, health care, and our dependence on oil. Biden referred to the goals of John F. Kennedy to get a man on the moon. "He didn't know how we were gonna get to the moon. He knew one thing. He knew if he challenged the American people, if he set a goal there wasn't a single solitary thing they couldn't do." Biden says we should be setting the same goals for energy independence. One way they plan to carry this plan out is to broaden education to more. "We will see to it, that anyone capable, can go to college."

Biden talks about policies

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