Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Political Sign Vandalism

By: Molly Smith

With the election 6 days away things are getting cutthroat between the parties. Everyone expects campaign signs to be a little overwhelming, but vandalism? America is proud of its freedom of speech, but people’s rights are being destroyed, literally. Liberals, conservatives, and independentsall put signs in their front yards, they wear pins, they buy tee shirts, and so on. Unfortunately, vandals are cramping these campaign styles.

Jill Thompson, and McCain/Palin signs have seen the worst of it according to Lanny Spaulding of the Athens County Republican Party. Apparently Athens residents are having extreme election stress and vandalizing other’s signs in retaliation.

Lanny Spaulding, Athens County Republican Party

Even social gatherings are becoming political battlegrounds. Athens resident Austin Beyke had his campaign paraphernalia put in the toilet after a party at his house. He thinks that McCain supporters see it the worst because of the overwhelming Democratic registration in Athens County--5,500 compared to only 800 Republicans.

Austin Beyke speaks about his signs being damaged

Sign vandalism is a reportable offense and action can be taken by the police so vandals think twice before taking out their agression out on cardboard signs, and others' political views.

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