Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Community Raises Issues through Committee

by Jessica Hurtt

The Community Issues Committee met last night and discussed key issues relating tothe daily lives of people in Athens.

On the agenda was the mayor's proposed parking regulation change, but council member Nancy Bain decided to scratch it for the sake of time. She did, however, note that the parking issue is important and while city residents may want parking, cost should be addressed, especially for students already already paying hundreds of dollars for rent each quarter.

Council Member Nancy Bain

Something the committee did address, however, is creating an ordinance to help tackle what the council has talked about being a "growing problem", graffiti. Council member Jim Sands said the neighborhood associations would like to take some action on this problem. One of those actions is gathering volunteers from neighborhoods to remove the graffiti from public property.

Council Member Jim Sands

The neighborhood associations are looking to contact Sherwin-Williams about a partnership program to help donate supplies for the clean up effort. Community member Christine Nisely also said the associations want to "get out some existing materials to educate people about the kinds of things to prevent the graffiti."

Council Member Jim Sands

The city is planning on putting cameras in the parking garage to prevent the vandalism and to let people know the city is doing something to fight graffiti. The Community Issues Committee will continue to discuss plans with the neighborhood associations, Athens Police Department Captain Pyle, and university officials to address graffiti problems.

Mayor Paul Wiehl also announced he has filled the position for the Safety Service Director, saying Paula Moseley will take over. She is currently the assistant Safety Service Director and Wiehl is promoting her.

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