Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gamers Get a Look at a Demanding and Exciting Major

By Eric Willard

Amidst the intense gaming tournament that went on at the Grid Lab last night, there was a method to all of the madness.

The Grid Lab hosted the J. Warren McClure School of Information and Telecommunication Systems (ITS) Mario Kart tournament.

ITS used the tourney as a recruitment tool for perspective students to find out more information and get enrolled in the program, which is part of the Scripps College of Communication.

ITS Director Philip Campbell explained what his programs does and how it operates.

Campbell on the ITS program

The ITS program prepares it students to be able to take technological advances and apply them to business to make the business run more smoothly and efficiently.

According to Campbell, the demand for students in this field right out of college far exceeds the amount of students going through the program. He also said that 90 percent of his students have a job set up before they graduate.

Public Relations official for ITS Tracy DiMarino put on the event and did all of the planning, including braving the cold and painting the graffiti wall on Richland Ave. She feels that it is all worth it if they get a good turnout.

DiMarino on the turnout for the tournament

As the gaming picked up, one student rose to the level and beat the rest. OU Sophomore Kevin Steele won the case of Bawls Energy Water and eight free hours at the Grid Lab, that went to the first place competitor.

The Winner Kevin Steele

ITS has put on other events in the past including a baseball game and a picnic last spring.

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