Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Excited About Saving Energy

Max E. Resnik

Athens locals gathered by the dozens at Athens Community Center last night to discuss energy saving costs and inititatives to help the community go green.

The Panelists

Six presentations were given last night in an effort to inform community members about how they can make their home green, what costs include, and where residents of Athens can go to seek grants and state funding. Participants included the Sierra Club, Councilmember Elahu Gosney who represented the Residential Solar Energy Inititative, Athens Gas Aggregation Ballot Inititavtive, Ohio University's Energy Profile, Rural Action and AEP.

The Sierra Club presented audience members with the challenge to understand myths about energy saving initiatives. The club also provided the audience with interactive slides to better understand their message.

The Sierra Club's Ideas

"Business as Usual"

For the Sierra Club, the United States has been practicing "business as usual" when it comes to combating global warming issues. Representatives say business as usual can no longer be the status quo.

U.S. Trends

Business as usual will not be the norm for at least one Athens community member. Seth Crouser has a firm belief in how individuals should manage the energy that they have. He attended the meeting with his roommate in the hope of convincing his landlord to take advatage of the opportunities Athens has for going green. Crouser and his roommate would like their home become energy efficient by using solar panels

Seth Crouser's passion for energy conservation

For more information on each panelist and their proposals, check out these links.

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Athens Gas Aggregation Ballot Initiative
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