Friday, March 13, 2009

RERPORTER BLOG: Young, But not Restless

By JJ Andersen

When a team is loaded with freshman and sophomores it's prepared for the ups and downs during a season, but not necessarily a League Championship. That’s what the OU Hockey team accomplished this season. Struggles during the regular season were all made up for when the Bobcats brought home their CSHCA Tournament Championship a week ago.

But How?
One thing college coaches will tell everyone is, how important having experience and leadership are for their team. This team isn’t lacking talent, but it’s their effort and mindset that make them chug. For a sports fan, this type of team is the most enjoyable to watch succeed. You don’t have to go too far to see where the team gets their optimism. Senior Captain Corey Bise, embodies the leader a young team needs to succeed.

Bise on his teams performance

The Formula for Success
I’ve seen championship teams play in person many times, but this team is different from any other. What makes these Bobcats special is their willingness to trust each other. I rarely see teams that feed off each other and rely on one another like this team does. And I only covered the last two games. Normally I’m not quick to praise a team, but the attitude and enthusiasm they play with can’t go unnoticed. Let’s not forget the hockey team is a club team! That makes this more impressive. They don’t receive the funds that other sports do.

ACHA Men’s Division I National Championship

Where: Cleveland, Ohio

When: Saturday, March 14 – Wednesday, March 18

Who: Top 16 teams

The Bobcats will have to go in to the tournament with the right mindset. They need to believe they’re going to win each game, without being over confident. Bise has the right approach for a leader. “We’re going to get better every game we play there, you know peaking at the right time and you know make it to that championship game and come out on top.” That attitude will be tested tomorrow when they take on Rhode Island.

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