Thursday, January 15, 2009

Athens Prepared for Winter Weather

by Ed Zelaski

Frigid temperatures have frozen much of the midwest, but Athens is well prepared to handle the weather. Assistant Service Safety Director Ron Lucas has safety tips for this weather, advising drivers to take their time. He says that water can thaw during the day and free again at night and the streets can still look dry. To stay safe, drivers should take their time. Drivers should also stay a safe distance behind the salt trucks and avoid trying to pass the trucks. Doing so could cause an accident, he warns.

Assistant Service Safety Director Ron Lucas gives advice to drivers

Keeping the roads cleared

Despite shortages across the country, Lucas says that the city has more than enough salt to make it through the winter. He says that the Street Department still has a bin full of salt. Should they run out, Lucas says the city has a reserve. "We still have 450 tons that we can still purchase that are earmarked for us, so right now we're in good shape," he says.

Cold weather expected to continue
The cold front is expected to continue through Saturday. There is a wind-chill advisory in place for tonight. Temperatures could drop as low as 5 below tonight, but can feel as cold as 13 below with the wind chill.

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