Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dog License Enforcement Combats Local Problem

By Micah Brown

When local dog owners take their dogs out for a walk or load them in their
cars for a spring trip, they need another important item – a dog tag or dog license. Athens County is now cracking down on enforcing an Ohio law that is often overlooked by local dog owners when they get their
new dogs.

In the past, the dog license law was not strictly enforced, but now
that Athens County is making it a top priority, authorities and shelter
workers say they think it will help keep the pet population from getting out of
hand and will hold owners accountable for their pets.

Athens County Auditor Jill Thompson on why pet owners need tags

The dog tags hang from the dog's collar, as a reminder that the dog does
have an owner; it is a symbol to the community that someone is
responsible for it. In Ohio dogs are considered property, so just like a
car owner is responsible for registering his or her vehicle and getting the
proper license for it, the same goes for pet owners providing proper
documentation. Once the owner has filled out the forms and paid for the tags or license, it then goes on record.

Reasons to register your dog:

•If your dog is stolen or runs away, the tag is your dog's fastest way

•It makes it substantially simpler for you to look for your dog around
the area, in the event of it running, because it will be in the Athens
County Dog Shelter and the Athens County Auditor's system as your pet

•All the money for the license goes directly to the Athens County Dog
Shelter to pay for the employees, the animals and the upkeep of
the facility

•If you were questioned by the police or by a dog shelter warden, it
will save you money and time from having to pay fines and going to the
Athens County Dog Shelter or Athens County Auditor's Office to register
your pet

•It will help control the local pet population by abiding by the
regulations of having your dog spayed or neutered

•It will make you a law abiding citizen

•It is cheaper to pay by the annual deadline; paying late doubles the cost.

Any Athens County dog owner can register at the Athens County Auditor's Office, Athens County Dog Shelter, or by filling out this simple registration form and pay the necessary fees to their offices to save guard your pet before it is too late.

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